Vattaro: the first electric tube in Italy

Vattaro: the first electric tube in Italy

That’s right: from 31 December 2013 Vattaro is the first municipality in Italy to have installed Giralog ©, the machine invented by Next Energy. The idea at the basis of the start-up is a system for deriving electrical energy from the movement of the water inside the pipes under pressure, through a turbine of simple installation, which also allows to modulate the reduction of pressure. On average, these plants have a return on investment that is about 6/8 years, are easy to install and allow you to bypass the bureaucratic barriers, since it is a very small plant (less than 20 kW). And finally it doesn’t have a significant impact on the pressure of the tubes, which is reduced but guarantees a residual pressure compared to Pelton.

But first things first.

The first contacts between Eng. Bridi Eros, owner of Next Energy and inventor of Giralog, and the Municipality of Vattaro occur thanks to a dear friend, the Mayor of Valsorda; he introduces Eng. Bridi at Devis Tamanini, Mayor of Vattaro.
In September, Mr. Bridi presents for the first time the new technology to the Government of the City and, after a further in-depth meetings with Eng. Condini, the first assignment is approved for the installation of equivalent machines on the distribution network. To tell the truth, at that time the operating conditions of the machinery did not prove to be optimal for the technological state of the product presented.

The Mayor Tamanini does not stop, however, to believe in the potential of the project and after the improvements, allows another intervention in the settling tanks of the new reservoir of the City. Here we are in fact the best conditions of action of Giralog, who is able to take advantage of the pipes coming from the mountains and then using most of the water in the fall.

In all courses there are obstacles, and in this are bureaucracy. The technology Giralog is in fact a patent, national and soon European, of Eng. Bridi, which therefore does not have a regulation within Italian legislation, and that’s why in the first moments is treated with the same procedures of large hydroelectric plants.

The Bridi’s presentation and explanations of the mechanism clarifies every doubt of the provincial leaders and department heads of the Service Water. On December 31, 2013 they authorize use of natural running water in the pipes, promoting the efficiency of the aqueducts mountain and foothill, which are best suited to the installation of Giralog.

Today the system, which eliminates the maintenance of the devices used for the sanitation of the water that comes to the taps of the inhabitants of Vattaro, is powered by self-generated energy in situ by Giralog. As well as indoor and outdoor lighting with motion detectors, alarm systems, transmission of data flow and pressure in the pipes and surveillance are also working with the pico turbin signed by Next Energy.

Soon it will be offered an important collaboration between Vattaro – the first municipality “efficientatore” Italian and European – and a college of international reputation for the development of a prestigious European project alignment to the dictates of Kyoto 2020.

Before concluding, it is right to thank the staff of the offices of Vattaro, which have always proved friendly and helpful in supporting the proposed changes, without which it would have been impossible to write this page of history, however small, but important for the journey safeguard and protection of our environment. The concept of the tubes at the base of the hydroelectric project is developed and today poses Next Energy and the City of Vattaro as pioneers of new alternative energies in Europe.


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